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Here Is The Down Low On The Products.

To be honest, we don't sell stuff for a living, so we have no real idea if the materials are well-sourced, of super great quality, or much of anything except what they promised us and how they look.  Yeah, that's all we've got.  If you are here purchasing Parent Swag, we think you won't really care that much either.  You might notice that there is little to read on each product where it says Read more. We don't have much more for you to read.  We suggest spending some time in The Love Matters Parenting Society membership if you are hungry for things to read.


How Do I Place An Order?​

Uhmm, we think that is probably pretty obvious. If you have trouble with the technology because technology is hard sometimes, you can send an email directly to and we will help you. We promise.  We love happy parents.


Payment & Shipping

Payment can be made via Paypal or secure Credit Card. Your product will be shipped two or three days after you purchase, and then the mail might take a long time these days to get to you, but it is on its way.  If you don't get your purchase in a relatively normal period, email us and we will send you another personally.  This is the email to make that happen:

Returns & Refunds

If you hate what you bought, we understand.  We hate things we buy sometimes, too.  Email us at and we will work it out with you.  Life is too short to not be happy.



Thank you for the love! Because Love Matters.
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